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Maximize Your Profits and Your Enterprise Value

When You Increase Cash Flow
Increase Inventory Turns
Increase Customer Service
Reduce Operating Costs
Increase GMROI $

Implement The Schoolman Inventory Method*

• Identify Surplus, Obsolete and Slow Moving SKUs (SOS SKUs)
• Use Stocking Indicators to Set Priorities
• Use SKU Forecasting System in Replenishment
• Use DRP Replenishment Strategy Based On Turnover Objective
• Measure and Use Inventory Carrying Costs
• Have Accurate Stock Status
• Track Customer Service
• Install Financial Controls
*Slight differences applying 8 elements to raw material versus finished goods.

• Increase inventory turns which frees up working capital
• Reduce stock outs which increase sales and gross margin dollars
• Reduces operating costs
• Increase GP $ by maximizing the gross margin return on inventory (GMROI)